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Catering Services Hertfordshire

About us

The Founders

Hi, we're Nat & Henry and we own and run SOKA, a Hertfordshire based caterer. In 2016 we both left our corporate careers behind us to follow our passion for food! Since then we've worked in some fantastic restaurants, pubs, theatres and event venues all over London and Herts, building our knowledge of food, drinks and service. 


At SOKA we believe that simple, good quality food cooked expertly with a service that's knowledgeable and friendly is the perfect combination. We pride ourselves on having great relationships with our clients and strive to ensure they have the best food and the best experiences at their events. 

We love being part of a thriving food community here in Hertfordshire. We have some fantastic producers in this county and we're really enjoying showcasing their products to our customers. When you choose SOKA you're sure to get the very best produce Hertfordshire has to offer, cooked to perfection and served with a smile!


Catering Services Hertfordshire
Catering Services Hertfordshire


What I aim to do is create an environment that you and your guests can relax and be yourselves in. I don’t believe in stuffy service, pretentious food or over priced menus, I believe that everyone deserves to eat delicious food in a warm and welcoming environment.

I love meeting clients and guiding them through the process of hosting an event. I love the planning process, working with our suppliers to ensure you have everything you need. More than anything I love executing an event and seeing the guests eating, drinking, talking, laughing and enjoying themselves. It's the sign of a job well done!

Our vision for SOKA was to have a catering company that is approachable and accessible, that listens to its clients and creates unique food experiences for them. To me, that's what SOKA is and I'm proud that we've managed to create that.

Catering services hertfordshire


For me SOKA represents everything that we have learnt since making the leap into the food industry, whilst always remembering why we got into it in the first place. Over the years we've found that catering is about so much more than just good food and our experiences in the industry have taught us so much about the importance of customer care.

Catering is about creating special moments for people, putting all of our passion onto the plate and helping our customers have the best possible experience. But most of all, like all things in life, it’s about having fun!

So, whether it's fine dining for discerning guests at an intimate dinner party, the most important meal of someones life on their wedding day, or gourmet burgers for hungry punters at a large outdoor event, we always want to make sure a great time is had by all.

Catering Services Hertfordshire

Why "SOKA"?

SOKA is a central teaching of Mahayana Buddhism which holds that Buddhahood, characterised by compassion, wisdom and courage, is inherent within every person and that we are guided by the shared goal of contributing to peace, culture and education based on respect for the dignity of life.

We understand that food is not a huge focus of buddhist teachings but even the Dali Lama has said that food is helpful in creating one world and emphasising what we all share in common. We believe that food is a fundamental part of everyone’s life and that we can apply the value’s of SOKA to sourcing, preparing and serving food.

SOKA Hertford | Catering Services

Kind words...

"Wow, I don't even know what to say!! Everything about today has blown me! From the pre-arrival text to you answering the phone using my name!! The friendly delivery driver, the box packaged to perfection, step-by-step instructions which I could follow for once and the food was amazing! I couldn't fault it. Thank you, thank you." 

Jade aka @jade_2603

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