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Catering Services Hertfordshire


If you're looking for a detailed & bespoke quote, please get in touch to see how we can help.  


Creating days to remember 

We love weddings! We know that being entrusted with any element of your wedding and making sure that your special day runs smoothly is a huge responsibility. That's why we work really hard to build a relationship with our clients so we can fully understand their needs ahead of the big day.


We have years of experience planning, managing and executing weddings and we know that being a caterer entails so much more than just providing great food. Below is a run down of the food and drink you may want throughout your day. Take a look at our sample menus and then generate your own quote or get in touch to learn more. 

Hertfordshire Wedding Caterer
Hertfordshire Wedding Caterer


Keeping your guests fed & watered

Canapés are a great introduction to the food on your wedding day. Perfect with a drinks reception after the ceremony, we have a number of canapé packages available for you to choose from. We believe in substance over style, and ensure every mouthful you and your guests have is packed with flavour. 

Sharing Starters

Convivial dining

We specialise in sharing style dining, simply because we believe it's the best way to get your guests enjoying their food and interacting with one another. We create bountiful platters full of colour, texture and above all - great flavour! 

Hertfordshire Wedding Caterer
Hertfordshire Wedding Caterer

Sharing Mains

The WOW factor

Choosing your wedding menu can be a daunting experience. You and your partner may have different tastes, you want your favourite food but you also want to please your guests. A sharing main course not only provides the wow factor in terms of presentation, it also provides you with options as you'll have a number of different sides for your guests to enjoy. 

Dessert Boards & Tables

Sweet heaven

Why choose one dessert when you can have a selection? Our dessert boards and dessert tables are a great way to excite your guests and provide a selection of choice that you wouldn't get with a plated dessert. 

Hertfordshire Wedding Caterer
Hertfordshire Wedding Caterer

Evening Food

The bit we're all looking forward to!

Beautiful canapés, colourful platters and amazing sharing boards will have all your guests talking - but we all know that secretly everyone's looking to some mouth watering evening food to help soak up the days drinks! All of our evening food is cooked over fire or charcoal throughout the day in a way that create intrigue and excitement and served in a way that makes it easy for guests to enjoy - handheld food is essential so guests can keep dancing and drinking!


From whole lamb cooked over fire to mouthwatering pulled pork or juicy brisket, we've got your evening food covered, and the guests will be looking forward to it all day long!

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